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Invest in Climate - my Portfolio

Invest in Climate - my Portfolio

🚀 I've recently made my first angel investments in climate tech start-ups.!

I will slowly but surely build a portfolio of a minimum of a dozen investments. Here, I will explain how and why I do it. I will share my successes and mistakes.

Full transparency!

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Here are my 2 favourite platforms to learn and invest in climate:

  • Climate Capital on AngelList (free)
  • Climate Insiders. There is an annual membership but because I'm a Venture Partner, you can get a 10% discount if you use my name "COLIN" at checkout.

My portfolio:

Marathon Fusion

  • Hardware provider for nuclear fusion
  • February 2024
  • Seed, SAFE with a $13M pre-money cap
  • Climate Capital on AngelList

What I loved about Marathon Fusion:

  • The stellar team
  • They don't intend to produce energy themselves, but rather to serve the broader fusion ecosystem. It's the infrastructure play.
Fuel for the fusion marathon
Inside the reactor, Tritium is quickly consumed by the fusion reaction. Tritium is scarce, unstable and radioactive, and it is needed today!


  • Climate insights for real estate portfolios (B2B SaaS)
  • Pending...
  • Pre-seed, SAFE with a $10M pre-money cap
  • Climate Capital on AngelList

What I loved about Homegrown:

  • The experience and drive of the team
  • The potential for rapid growth in a segment critical to decarbonise: individual homes in the US.


  • Fungi bioremediation solutions for polluted soil treatment and waste processing
  • Pending...
  • Seed, convertible with a €7.5M pre-money cap
  • Climate Insiders

What I loved about Novobiom:

  • Various potential revenue streams (and paths to exits)
  • The team's past experience is solid and complementary

More to come soon...