About me

Hello there!

šŸ‘‹ I'm Colin Rebel.

I share here insights about climate change and the angel investments I make ā€” or don't make ā€” in climate tech start-ups.

Quick facts about me:

  1. I was born in Asia, grew up in Africa, worked in France, and I now live in the UK.
  2. I studied environmental sciences and started my career in forest management. Kind of cool, I loved it, but it was far too niche.
  3. I moved into climate finance, impact investing and venture capital. More exciting, and I remain laser-focused on sustainability.
  4. I got an MBA from INSEAD.
  5. I am soon joining a big consulting firm (blue team ā€” šŸ¤« no announced yet).

On a more personal note, I enjoy reading the great classics (sounds snob but I do), meditating on a long bike ride (when I find the time) and unearthing a nice bottle of wine from my cellar to share with my friends.

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Until next time!